Four Ideas For A Tiny Emergency Preparedness Kit

Are you the type of person that loves to be prepared and over-prepares in case of an emergency? 

Or, are you more of a minimalist, and hate carrying around more than you need, you might find yourself ill-prepared in case of an emergency. Even if you have a great kit at home, it if is too large and you don’t have it handy, it becomes useless. 

Therefore, we have put together a list of ideas for a tiny emergency preparedness kit that you can fit in your backpack or purse. 

1. First Aid Kit

You probably don’t want to carry around a heavy first aid kit full of things you don’t even know how to use. If you don’t know how to administer an EpiPen or use a splint, then you don’t need to put that in your first aid kit. It will just take up space and remain in your kit for years to come. 

Instead, fill your first aid kit with things that are important to you. No matter where you are, a small first aid kit can be useful for taking care of minor cuts and scrapes easily. 

To save space, you can even use a small mint tin. Inside, you can fit: 

  • Bandaids
  • Ibuprofen
  • Ointment
  • Gauze pads
  • Hand cleaning wipes
  • Butterfly closures
  • Moleskin patches

If you take prescription medicine, make sure to keep a supply handy in your kit as well.

2. Water

Typically, you should have one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days stored. However, if you need a tiny emergency preparedness kit that you can take on the go, carrying gallons of water might not be plausible. 

Luckily, there are a few other options you can choose that are more portable. Water purifying tablets can be a good option. The best water purification tablet should kill all microorganisms that might be in your water. Or you can use a personal water filter that can remove almost 100% of all waterborne bacteria and parasites. You can find a small water filter online that doesn’t require batteries, is portable, and doesn’t use chemicals, iodine, or chlorine. 

3. Heat-Reflective Blanket

In an emergency, you might be forced to evacuate your home. If you have to sleep away from the shelter of your home, a heat-reflective blanket can be a light-weight way to keep you and your loved ones warm in an emergency. Choose one that is made of mylar so that it reflects your body heat back to you. 

4. NOAA Radio

 An NOAA radio can keep you informed of any changing weather conditions to get updates on any critical updates. A weather radio serves more than one purpose. It can be used as a power source so you can keep your phone, tablet, or any other electronic device charged if you lose power during an emergency. An NOAA radio like this one can be charged by hand cracking, solar panels, batteries, or by USB. Multi-versatile, it can even serve as a light source. 

This NOAA radio weighs just 11.2 ounces, and is less than 5 inches long, meaning it can fit in your bag or purse. It is the perfect addition to your tiny emergency preparedness kit as an all-in-one tool.

Being prepared beforehand can help you and your family survive a natural disaster. You don’t have to have a huge kit to be ready. Have the essentials packed in a small kit, so you are prepared no matter what.