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4.5 / 5

July 16th, 2019 - Verified Purchase

This radio has everything! It has a solar charger and a hand crank just in case you are not able to charge it via plugging it in. It has the capability of charging your phone, GPS, flashlight, etc!! This will definitely come in handy while out hiking. I'm so excited to have such a versatile tool in my pack.

- Zach Merritt

March 26th, 2018 - Verified Purchase

This is an amazing product. It came with an additional USB charger cable to be able to charge multiple devices instead of just one kind since my husband has a Samsung and I have an iPhone. We live out in a rural area and sometimes the snow can create challenges in the winter. It is comforting knowing that we can still get weather updates in the event that we have power outages. This is a must have for any critical situation.

 - K Spall

March 22nd, 2018 - Verified Purchase

A Must Have!

This item is a must have for any survivalist or outdoor enthusiast. This is a perfect item for your bug out bag, car, hiking backpack, office desk, home emergency supplies and camping supplies. In any emergency situation staying informed (via radio and weather broadcast channels) is of the utmost importance. Additionally this radio has an adjustable beam flash light, a reading light and a flashing SOS light with a loud alarm that would help rescuers find your location if needed. The additional charging adapter is great to have on hand to not only charge your phone but a variety of other types of phones as well. There are also 4 different ways to power this item, hand crank, solar, a built in lithium ion battery (charging cable included) and 3 AAA batteries (AAA batteries are not included). I was very impressed with how small, light weight yet durable this item is which is also extremely important for a bug out bag.

 - coraly